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  1. Ausra says:

    Amazing! Could I get the recipe in English? Those 3 ingredients especially. What is the 1st one? Others two I seem to understand. Thanks.

    • Liina says:

      Hi Ausra!

      the ingredients are:
      1 egg white
      100g sliced almonds
      2 table spoons of powdered sugar substitute (I suggest natural, not chemical sweetener)

      Beat the egg white a little bit loose with fork, add the sweetener and almond slices and mix it all together.
      Try to make flat and round cookies on the baking sheet and then bake them 20-25 minutes in 150 degrees (until golden).

      Very easy and really delicious. Usually gets eaten before I can even find time to cover them with chocolate 🙂

      Glad to see that we have readers outside Estonia – hope to see you here again!


  2. Ausra says:

    Hi Liina, Thank you so much!!! You use Sukrin, as I understand. I indend to, anyway. Do you have Sukrin in Estonia in shops?
    Best, Ausra.

  3. Ausra says:

    Is LCHF big in Estonia? In Lithuania it is virtually unknown. 😉 hm, hm…

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